Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 Tips for the Millionaire Mindset.

Attitude of Success in Network Marketing

Winning the “mind” Game.

1. My intention is to fill my business with top leaders.

2. The universe is helping me. Incredible people just come to me now.

3. My subconscious mind is working with me, to help triple my income
and my time off.

4. I deserve to be successful because I add value to people’s lives.

5. Smart, brilliant people who make me laugh surround me. My days
are stimulating and exciting.

6. I help people. I am kind, generous and an amazing teacher.

7. I am a good leader and people look up to me.

8. I am truly grateful for every distributor I have now.

9. When, I am good to myself, I can be good for others.

10. Every day my subconscious mind is working with me to help
create the thoughts and habits that will make me a multimillionaire.

1 comment:

  1. There are many different factors on which a millionaire mindset is conceived & based. I think that to become a millionaire you need to have to the mindset to create millionaires and then when people around you will see you can empower them then they too will work for you to make you a millionaire.

    Millionaire Mindset