Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What have bHip-Toronto been up to?

A lot of viewers has been asking where we were and why we stopped blogging? First off it's great to hear from you guys, this really shows us how many people actually care about the foods or drinks they consume on a daily basis.

We went on a little road trip around Ontario setting up presentations, we were a bit nervous at first since we have to be the first to introduce this spectacular product, but guess what, people are smarter then they look! As soon as they heard about our ingredients they know for a fact that this is a natural blend of energy, because of the "Acai Berry" and "Amino Acid" found in our supplement and furthermore it actually works! We gave out a lot of samples and received numerous positive feedbacks, the only thing that some people did not enjoy about the drink is the fact that the Acai Berry taste bitter at first, but it gets sweeter and sweeter as you get used to it.

bHIP Toronto will offer you the best natural energy in supplement forms.

Couple months ago, I've heard news that they banned "Red Bull" in Europe because they found traces of cocaine in their products. This includes, "Red Bull Cola", "Red Bull Sugar Free", and "Red Bull Energy Drink". When I heard about this, I was shocked, confused, and a bit angry at the time. Why would "Red Bull" lace even a small amount of illegal drug into their products? The only reason that I can come up with is the fact that they want consumers to be "hooked" on their products, I mean having caffiene and aspartame should be more then enough to harm your body, but having cocaine as another matter is a whole other level won't you agree?

So I was relieved that their solution was to take all their "laced" products off the shelves. BUT! On June - 2009, this head line popped up as I was curious about the situation of "Red Bull". Traces of cocaine found in Red Bull in HONG KONG, that just made my blood boil, I am from Hong Kong, I'm proud to be chinese, and the fact that this just happened recently in Europe, it's more than enough reason for this company to loose its credibility. "The spokesman said in a statement issued late Monday. He added that the amount of cocaine found in the drinks posed little health danger. " Even if it is 0.1 - 0.3 mg of cocaine is more then enough to harm your body, it's a serious drug and although this product is intended for 18 years of age and over, I've seen kids drinking it also, enough said.
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So for all you energy drink junkies out there, is it worth it? Or should you try a more natural path to retrieve energy? Drink a bHIP

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