Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What have bHip-Toronto been up to?

A lot of viewers has been asking where we were and why we stopped blogging? First off it's great to hear from you guys, this really shows us how many people actually care about the foods or drinks they consume on a daily basis.

We went on a little road trip around Ontario setting up presentations, we were a bit nervous at first since we have to be the first to introduce this spectacular product, but guess what, people are smarter then they look! As soon as they heard about our ingredients they know for a fact that this is a natural blend of energy, because of the "Acai Berry" and "Amino Acid" found in our supplement and furthermore it actually works! We gave out a lot of samples and received numerous positive feedbacks, the only thing that some people did not enjoy about the drink is the fact that the Acai Berry taste bitter at first, but it gets sweeter and sweeter as you get used to it.

bHIP Toronto will offer you the best natural energy in supplement forms.

Couple months ago, I've heard news that they banned "Red Bull" in Europe because they found traces of cocaine in their products. This includes, "Red Bull Cola", "Red Bull Sugar Free", and "Red Bull Energy Drink". When I heard about this, I was shocked, confused, and a bit angry at the time. Why would "Red Bull" lace even a small amount of illegal drug into their products? The only reason that I can come up with is the fact that they want consumers to be "hooked" on their products, I mean having caffiene and aspartame should be more then enough to harm your body, but having cocaine as another matter is a whole other level won't you agree?

So I was relieved that their solution was to take all their "laced" products off the shelves. BUT! On June - 2009, this head line popped up as I was curious about the situation of "Red Bull". Traces of cocaine found in Red Bull in HONG KONG, that just made my blood boil, I am from Hong Kong, I'm proud to be chinese, and the fact that this just happened recently in Europe, it's more than enough reason for this company to loose its credibility. "The spokesman said in a statement issued late Monday. He added that the amount of cocaine found in the drinks posed little health danger. " Even if it is 0.1 - 0.3 mg of cocaine is more then enough to harm your body, it's a serious drug and although this product is intended for 18 years of age and over, I've seen kids drinking it also, enough said.
Source of Article

So for all you energy drink junkies out there, is it worth it? Or should you try a more natural path to retrieve energy? Drink a bHIP

Try it NOW!

Further questions please direct it to :


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

[ bHIP Global - Toronto ] Why We Love the Drink. FREE SAMPLES!

Are you feeling extra tired these days? Drink a bHIP

Need that extra boost? Drink a bHIP

Tired of waiting in line for a coffee packed with caffiene? Drink a bHIP

Worried about taking too much sugar for energy? Drink a bHIP

Wish that you can have stronger workouts? Drink a bHIP

bHIP Energy Blend does not contain caffiene. It delivers no crash and no jitters unlike the other energy drinks on the market. JUNK DRINKS.

It's an all natural formula loaded with all the good stuff. It's not just an energy drink. It offers tons of vitamins that we humans lack. A most common deficiency in our bodies is the vitamin b12, which is responsible for diseases such as Crohn's Disease. Vitamin b12 deficiency is also known as pernicious anemia.

So not only does it give you energy, it protects you from diseases. Now is that a drink or what?

I drink it in the morning to give me the boost I need all day long. This stuff really lasts. 6 hours minimum.

I drink it during a workout, to give me the endurance and stamina to finish my sets with more power and effectiveness. Giving me the results that I want faster.

Even my mom, who's a diabetic, can drink it safely and not have to worry about sugar content. She's finally thrown in her coffee mug. There will be no more crash and staining of the teeth anymore.

All my personal trainer buddies are loving this drink, because not only do they use it for stronger workouts, they can give it to their clients who are trying to lose weight.

Yes! It's a dietary supplement!

WOW! Can this drink deliver anymore? For a full product review please go to my TEAM IN MOTION site.

Now for the BEST part. FREE SAMPLES!

Please visit my TEAM SUPPORT and make sure to fill in your information to receive a free sample.

Limit 1 per customer.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bHIP Global - Spring is Finally Here! New Possibilities! New Opportunities!

I know it's been awhile since the last post. Been busy launching a new internet strategy. A step by step guide for everyone to follow. One of the things I will be offering.

Any average Joe with an internet connection will be able to plug into this system and take off into financial freedom.

No experience necessary. That is the whole point. A little bit of motivation and the right mindset is all I ask. It's important to know what gets you going in the morning.

Personally, I always wanted to work for myself. Start a business, and make money from home so I can spend more time with my family, friends and take care of those around me. Donating to charities and the like.

Want to go to dinner with your significant other and not have to worry about how much the bill comes to?

Want to be able to go travel without having to book time off work or worry that you'll fall behind in some payments for a week out in the Carribbean?

It's not wrong to want these things. It's not greed. It's growth. Why wouldnt you want to better yourself?

I can take you there. I will be able to show you how easy it really is to start your own online business. Want to join me?

Do not click here if you want to start your own company, be your own boss, and obtain financial freedom. (I'm just kidding, CLICK the LINK!) Go register. Join me on this crazy journey.

Any questions you can contact my support desk and I will gladly be able to help you out.

Friday, April 3, 2009

bHIP Global - Announcement !

Ground Floor Opportunity

5‐Year Plan To Retirement

We are a privately owned U.S. Based company. We have
opened up in 13 markets in our first 14 months with a planned
minimum global expansion to 30 countries by the end of 2010.

Ray Kroc, Founder Of McDonalds,
Said There Are 3 Keys To Success:
1. Being at the Right Place at the Right Time
2. Knowing You Are There
3. Taking Action

bHIP Global Time Is Now!
There is a Virtual Growth Explosion About to Happen and
Masses Are Cashing in on it. How About You? If You Have
Ever Dreamed About Owning Your Own Home Based
Business, You’re Timing Couldn't be Better. The bHIP
Revolution is Real,
It's Life Changing and It's Here!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Here are the first pics from bHIP in Hawaii. CONGRATS GUYS!


Amazing work guys !

April brings a new challenge. Keep sending the pics. Loving the feedback.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

bHIP Toronto's up to the challenge.

We are going to submit a challenge to all the distributors !

Challenge: Try getting a box of our lovely products on a retail shelf once a month

Yes i said one (1) BOX. It's not hard. You have 30 sometimes 31 days to do it!

Next post will be a picture of the lucky retailer to put this box up in stores.

To our distributors:

Submit your pictures to

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

10 Tips for the Millionaire Mindset.

Attitude of Success in Network Marketing

Winning the “mind” Game.

1. My intention is to fill my business with top leaders.

2. The universe is helping me. Incredible people just come to me now.

3. My subconscious mind is working with me, to help triple my income
and my time off.

4. I deserve to be successful because I add value to people’s lives.

5. Smart, brilliant people who make me laugh surround me. My days
are stimulating and exciting.

6. I help people. I am kind, generous and an amazing teacher.

7. I am a good leader and people look up to me.

8. I am truly grateful for every distributor I have now.

9. When, I am good to myself, I can be good for others.

10. Every day my subconscious mind is working with me to help
create the thoughts and habits that will make me a multimillionaire.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


"Under construction"

We have created the first video of many more to come. Its the first of its kind, noone out there is doing it. TEAM in MOTION TORONTO is bringing it to you.

Editing is now in process, we look forward to all your feedback .

Stay tuned for our VIDEO BLOGS.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Clinical research proves that antioxidants can help with reducing the signs of aging, rid the body of unwanted toxins, and keeps your skin looking healthier and longer.

Noni Gia is a great way to up your antioxidant intake.


Antioxidants have a cascading effect, meaning that the more antioxidants you take the stronger and more effective your body becomes.

Grape Juice Powder

Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and fibers. Supports the natural function of the immune system and promotes cardio-cerebral vascular health.


Digestion resistant & highly soluble fiber to aid digestion and prevent constipation. It may help to mute blood sugar swings and lessen heart disease risks, by reducing the absorption of cholesterol.

Pineapple Juice Powder

Reduces swelling and removes dampness, while improving digestion and it helps ease pain.


Sucralose is good for low calorie diets, does not cause cavities, and safe alternative to sugar.

Vitamin A

Helps your eyes adjust to light changes when you come in from outside and also helps keep your eyes, skin and mucous membranes moist.

Vitamin C

(Ascorbic Acid) Produces collagen in bones, cartilage, muscle, skin and blood vessels and aids in the absorption of iron, while also stimulating your immune system.

Friday, March 6, 2009


As you know, bHIP's propeietary blend consists of 100% ALL NATURAL ingredients. And i express the importance of this. NO ENERGY drink out there can compare to this.

Test it out yourself.

Give it to a friend who loves coffee, or craves that lil boost, someone who's dieting, or anyone you think needs a healthy jumpstart to their life.



There's been lots of commotion lately with the word 'BHIP' .

And that's why we're giving the opportunity for all of you curious george's out there to ask us a question.

ANYTHING on your mind let's get it all out there. We're here to help and inform. (I mean, over time, we'll try to get as much knowledge out there for you, but WHY WAIT?!?!)

Fill out the form at:


Can't wait to hear from you.

bHIP Global Toronto
Team in Motion

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Pleasur – a female health-supplementing product

Technologies always change life and create trends. Since the 19th century, the rapid growth of science and technology has been improving human’s living standards. In 1998, three scientists together won a Nobel-prize for medicine for their research into the theory about the effect of the Nitric Oxide Pathway. Pleasur is developed based on this theory, which ushered in a whole new era of health supplement.

Pleasur (Brand Name: Pleasūr) is a proprietary U.S. product developed by Gynecologist Ronald J. Thompson, M.D. based on the above theory.

The developer has appointed and authorized bHIP Global to promote Pleasur to the worldwide market, so as to benefit consumers all over the world.

Pleasur consists of ingredients including L-arginine, citric acid, menthol and aloe extract. It is free from drug and exogenous hormone.

Pleasur uses nitric oxide as signal molecules to improve blood circulation, regulate pituitary functions and ovarian secretion. It can enhance gynecological functions, so as to take care of your genital organs and ovaries, bringing out anti-aging effect.

Pleasur can: increase vaginal secretion and the ability of self-purification, help to eliminate female diseases; improve quality of sleep; normalize internal secretion; eliminate vegetative nerve functional disturbance and relieve menstrual discomfort; improve various problems resulting from estrogen reduction; alleviate menopause symptoms; preserve female genital tissues and slow down degeneration, resulting to better relationships and greater intimacy.

Toronto bHIP
Team in Motion - Toronto

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

bFIRST, bREADY, bHIP Toronto

Ever wished you had something, and poof there it appeared right in front of your very eyes?

Ever think that life is too much of a coincidence sometimes?

How about this thought then. Why not believe that you were in the right place at the right time and that it was meant to happen that way.

Key word : Believe.

Warren Buffet, the richest man in the world, believes it. Why don't you?

Donald Trump, a successful billionaire, believes in it. Why don't you?

Instead of pondering why or how? Just believe in a system that has shattered records in a highly competitive industry.

Being in the right place at the right time.

Now is the time. bHIP Toronto is offering a great opportunity for the city to hear. Torontonians need to come together for this once in a lifetime opportunity with a company that is going to lead into the next billion dollar industry.

" Tell the world, before the world tells you. "

Toronto bHIP
Team in Motion - Toronto

A Solution for A Problem

Ask yourself, "how many grams of sugar and carbs are in each energy drink you usually grab off the shelf?"

The #1 cause of diabetes and obesity in America is due to sugar intake and simply they weren't aware of their own health. That's when bHIP introduces a solution to the problem.

bHIP Energy Weight Loss Benefits:

* Only 24 Calories.
* 1 Gram Fiber Provides Feeling of Fullness / Reduces Food Cravings
* B Vitamins for Energy
* Amino Acid Stack for Optimal Protein Synthesis
* Powerful Herbal Supplements for Metabolism Boosting
* Green Tea Catechins Enhance Lipid Metabolism / Stimulate Thermogenesis

Take a look at the comparison chart in our previous post.....

If you already noticed the difference, then good for you. This product promotes appetite control.

Individuals involved in weight loss programs often feel fatigued, irritable, and experience headaches. But with bHIP it's all natural, so say no to side effects.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Proud Partners of Team in Motion !

Just announced !

bHIP TORONTO is pleased to announce that we have just teamed up with one of the greatest distributors of bHIP Global, TEAM IN MOTION.

"We are a team forever committed to helping people find and develop the greatness within them. We do this by focusing on integrity, personal balance, and timeless values, while providing outstanding products, services, and coaching for their journey through life.”

We are going to be posting some reviews on bHIP Energy Drink - A New Breed of Energy on youtube for your viewing enjoyment.

Stay tuned shortly for the link.

In the meantime, please check out our brand new website...

For more information.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A little food for thought

Energy Drink Comparison:
Compare the Top 4 selling brands worldwide with bHIP Energy brand!

Several of these brands are much larger than 8 oz and contain as much as 4 times what is in a normal cup of coffee or normal soft drink. When you see caffeine listed on the label of an energy drink, it is because it contains synthetic caffeine or caffeine anhydrous. Most sodas with LOW or no calories & sugar contain ingredients such as ASPARTAME & Sucralose, which more & more research seems to reveal health controversies.bHIP Energy is made of fruit extracts, vitamins & minerals that work at the cellular level. Guarana is one of several energy producing ingredients & contains a substance known as theobromine, which is similar in chemical composition to the molecules found in chocolate. This is a naturally occurring caffeine & gives a very nice, level, non-jittery energy. bHIP Energy is a natural formula that works faster, lasts longer, and is healthier for you!
email NOW ! for more information regarding this product and its promotions

Try bHIP Energy Drinks now !

bHIP Global is recognized as the first company to introduce “a new breed of energy” into the marketplace. The propriety energy blend formula that is a “herbal clean energy” is considered a category creator in the beverage industry. bHIP Energy is a premium beverage offered to consumers in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, and Hungary. This High Impact Product has people feeling the results in minutes and lasting for hours. bHIP Global's philosophy is when they TRY IT, they FEEL IT, and will want to SHARE IT. bHIP Global’s industry breaking product, bHIP Energy, is being distributed by bHIP Global product promoters worldwide. bHIP Global redirects marketing and advertising dollars to pay those product promoters to penetrate the market by sharing bHIP Energy with the world. bHIP Global has the highest standard when it comes to the integrity of the product and company.

for more information regarding this product please email

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